Thursday, March 5, 2015

Devast - Into Decimated Reality

Devast is a four piece band from Algeria. Members include Idir : Guitar/Vox, Frank (Draconum Oth): Drums, Markos : Vox, Nicolas Soto: Bass. Genre is described as Technical Brutal Death Metal.

Into Decimated Reality album released on March 10 2015 on Gore House Productions. Here we have nine tracks of pure mayhem and devastation. Speed and precision are spot on playing on every composition. Savage low guttural vocals sound tremendous, the rage is felt on every phrase. In terms of production the quality is top notch. Crushing guitar tones and powerful drumming on a high level. 

Songs like "Radical Excruciation Concept", "Cruel Methods Of Punishment" and "Condemned And Slaughtered Unmercifully" are among my favorite. With many twist and turns, each song never gets dull or boring. In fact, they keep the listener intent as to what might come next. Blistering grinds and unexpected tempo changes make the songs interesting and make you want to explore them in more depth.

My final thoughts, a solid and brutal second album by this band. Technical yet catchy rhythms keep the listener intent from the first song to the last. Fans of Malevolent Creation, Dying Fetus, Sinister, Gorgasm, Fleshgod Apocalypse, and Immolation would want to add this disc to their collection. ~Artemortifica