Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Conceived By Hate exclusive interview

Its is a pleasure to introduce our readers to death metal band Conceived By Hate

1) Hello and welcome, please tell our readers a little about band? Where are you from? How did this group come to be? 

Hello, thanks for doing this interview. We are a death/thrash metal band from HELLSALVADOR in Central America, I started this band back in late 2002 when my other band DISORDER came to on hold situation. We have 6 official releases, first demo in 2005, 1 EP in 2009, first full-lenght in 2012 and then 3 splits per year since then with the bands NUCLEAR (Chile), DECEASED (United States) and AKHERON (Colombia).

2) How was the writing process conceived for this new material? Is it easier to compose music with the current line up? Who writes the material? 

Well, on this split release with AKHERON there are 3 original songs and a cover. The first one was composed by the bass player and I arranged the lyrics with the concept he wanted. The other 2 original songs were written by me (music and lyrics) and regarding those 2 songs process was the same as always for me, I usually compose music and lyrics at night or very early morning.

3) The previous music was also released in a split format, Inner Hate, Deceased and now Akheron, using this approach, is it better to reach people by collaborating with these bands? 

That was my vision in a way but also all these songs I just did not think were get along good in a full-lenght, so that is why also doing the splits was also a good idea for me. It is always easy and better to promote releases and the band with help of other bands involved in another countries.

4) Pestilence Reborn was released independently in 2012, was it harder to promote that album without label support? 

It has been always hard specially because of the country we are located, high shipping rates and not so known internationally as a strong metal scene. That record was released independently, but it was the same procedure, I mean I started my own label like 2 or 3 years ago but the difficulties are always the same, very hard.

5) How is the audience reception to your live performances? Any memorable experiences on the show circuit? 

Locally we have been playing more these couple of years and the reception is getting better as I see it but it would not change anything of my vision if it would be different but it helps of course to get budget for new releases because people purchase more stuff. Our scene is small and also the country is small so there are not many places on which you can play. I have been trying to setup a tour in Europe, but it has been difficult because of schedules and other stuff from some members, but I am still hunting this situation.

6) How is the death metal scene in your area? has it grown since your band became established back in 2005?  

No, this band was founded in 2002 but I have been present in the scene since 90s and as I stated before the scene is small since our country is small, also economical situation does not help neither for bands nor fans but we are standing playing this music no matter what. Yes I think today there are more metalheads than back in the 90s but I always say that I feel less passion and a lot of metal if you know what I mean, I cannot say it is good or bad but it is just how I see it and feel it.

7) Name some of  your most notable accomplishments? Any big bands that have shared the stage with you? 

For me the notable accomplishments are to be able to put out my music on vinyl, CD or any other format, this is fucking difficult in our country and just doing that is a big accomplishment. Also having our own recording studio is something I have always be investing since many years.

8) How difficult was it to get the band's music noticed in the beginning? 

Always that you start a band or a project it is very difficult that people get interested, I remember selling our first demo for $1 USD and still people was not willing to purchase they wanted it for free, this is what I said before I think in a way also in the 2000s there was not passion for purchasing local bands merch or releases but that was useful for me and the band since we focused in our thing and vision and not thinking about if people will like or not our coming songs or if people will purchase it or not.

9) With the release of the new split are there any tours or major shows in the works for 2015? 

Most of shows are locally, maybe Guatemala and there is something I am working for south america but it is difficult because of the budget and schedules but will continue working on that with or without the current line-up.

10) Are there any plans to play shows in USA?  

Unfortunately not yet, I have had a couple of offers but since most of us do not have USA VISA we cannot go there by now.

11) If  booking agents/news/press want to get in contact with you, what is the best way to reach the band? 

You can write me to morbidskullsv@gmail.com and I will get you in touch with our Manager.

12) Thanks so much for participating in my zine, the last lines are for you, any final thoughts? 

Thanks to you for the interest in doing this interview, thanks also to the people that read it and I hope you can reach our merch or material somewhere, support your local scene, cheerz from HELLSALVADOR!!!