Sunday, March 1, 2015

Kneel Before None - Carnal Disfigurement

Kneel Before None is a four piece band from Burns, TN. Members are, Jonathan Edwards-Vocals, Jake Davis-Guitar, Drew Owen-Guitar, David Smotherman-Bass, Ryan Warf-Drums. Genre described as death metal.

Carnal Disfigurement album self released on September 30th 2014. The album contains eleven tracks. My first thoughts, brutal and completely devastating. After a short and eerie intro, the music comes in with relentless fury. A mix of high and low demonic vocals come through the speakers and are fitting with all the gore that is being projected. Not just grinds and heaviness, there is a good amount of technicality and melody which can be heard on tracks like Cannibalistic Abduction, A Disgorged Existence and Zombies Don't Say #YOLO. The production on the album is really good. Drums are intense and powerful, guitars have great distortion on both rhythm and solos. Bass is powerful and dominant. Some of the stand out tracks for me would have to be "Nyctophilia", I really like the pummeling double bass kicks. "Disembodied Provocation", memorable passages and strong blast beats are relentless and crushing. "Tangled, Strangled, Mangled ", catchy title and its intense delivery is enough to get your blood pumping. 

In conclusion, this is an energetic and crushing debut album. Catchy chord progressions and brutalizing vocals. Fans of Devourment, Dying Fetus, Aborted, Decapitated and Immolation would surely want to explore this album. ~Artemotifica