Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Odota - Fever Marshal

Odota is a one man project. It is the creation of Jarmo Nuutre. Genre described as Black metal, Experimental, Psychedelic. Band origin Tallinn.

Fever Marshal album released independently on December 2nd, 2014. My first impression, obscure and dark. Seven tracks of mayhem and experimentation. The production quality is very raw and gritty. The drums are more in the background and the guitars have slight distortion, the vocals are upfront and high on reverb. All the production aside. The music is black metal to its roots. Think of those rare hard to find sounds, bands like Bathory, Xasthur and Laviathan come to mind. Intrigued, as I always am with solo artist. My exploration into this music is very open. Songs like Cannon and Staked Plains resonate with me. The ability of the compositions to take you into certain dark realms, if you are willing to pay attention. I enjoy the way all the parts are arranged. It is a big undertaking to play all the instruments and have them sound cohesive through out the entire length of the album. I always admire how a single person can achieve what usually takes three to five people to do. The gritty and raw nature only adds to the atmosphere and texture of the songs, which I enjoy very much.

In conclusion, a well executed and projected vision of darkened paths. The album features songs that contain a unique character to themselves. Fans of obscure, experimental b/m should add this to their collection. ~Artemortifica