Bloodscribe - Prologue To The Apocalypse

Bloodscribe is a five piece band consisting of Jasan - Vocals. Joe - Guitar. Mike - Guitar. Jesse - Drums. Dennis - Bass. Genre described as Death Metal-Slam. Band origin Boyle Heights.

Prologue To The Apocalypse album released on February 10 2015 through Gore House Productions. My first thoughts, this album crushes and shakes the walls down. Their sound is monstrous and will get your blood pumping. I listen to this album for several weeks. The productions is solid. Excellent distortion sound on low tuned guitars. The bass pummels and drums brutalize everything in sight. The vocals are guttural and demonic. I enjoyed listening to this record from start to finish. The tracks that most resonated with me would have to be Burning Bridges, Kingdoms Fall, Castrating Humanity and In Ruins. The riffs are catchy and well written. At times, somewhat technical but they have a way of ripping through your skull with their aggressive nature. Enslaved By Deceptions and Pantheon Of Lies contain some brutal twist and turns and will make the audience go berzerk in a live situation.

In conclusion, do not pass this up. The album is heavy and devastating. Good sound quality and catchy tracks will make you want to break stuff. 



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