Thursday, March 12, 2015

Cyrax - Pictures

Cyrax is a five piece band consisting of Marco Cantoni - Lead Vocals, Filippo Ferrari - Lead and Rhythm Guitar, Paolo Musazzi - Lead and Rhythm Guitar, Cesare Ferrari - Bass, Lorenzo Beltrami - Drums. Genre described as heavy/Power/Prog/Thrash/Industrial Metal. Band origin Milano, Italy.

Pictures album to be released on March 31st through Bakerteam Records. Here we have nine tracks of power and progressive themes. A combination of both metal and melodic arrangements. The vocals and chorus parts are very elaborate. For example the song The 7th Seal, features choir type of chorus along with high screams and a dash of can be best describe as Merciful Fate style of vocals, very well executed. In terms of production, it is excellent, with all the different instruments. Everything is solid and pronounced. Some of my favorite tracks would be Oedipus Rex, These Greenvalleys and Shine Through Darkness pt. I, II, III. Complex and melodic solos can be found in each and every passage. Another thing that catches my ears is the amount of twist and turns you will hear. Rather than a standard format of song arrangements, there are some clever compositions that will keep you guessing as to what you will hear next. 

In conclusion, the music covers a wide field of genres and does it without any effort. Everything flows together well and with powerful intention. ~Artemortifica