Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Manum Diaboli Art - Exclusive interview

It is with great pleasure to introduce the feature artist for the month of March 2015 Gediminas Kiaune of Manum Diabolus Art

1) Hello and welcome, please tell our readers a little about yourself? Where are you from? What is your current occupation?

Greetings. My name is Gediminas Kiaune of Manum Diabolus Art. I am from a small country and it is called Lithuania. At this moment, I am working as an freelance illustrator.

2) When did your interest in drawing begin?

I had started to draw at the age of 10 years old. My talent was noticed by primary school teacher.

3) Looking at your artwork it seems black metal oriented, was there a point in time when that became your dominant form of art? If so, what band or artist inspired you first?

My drawings are focused on the Black Metal music, but it's not a problem to draw for Death Metal etc. I started to draw on this topic recently. I am inspired by black metal groups as Nahash (Occult Black Metal from Lithuania) Deathspell Omega and Blut aus Nord. The subject of drawings depends on the customer's wish.

4) How has having a page that is dedicated to your art helped get you more clients? When did you decide it was time to have a separate site for your work?

My own page has helped me to find new clients and to draw for bands. I was encouraged by person from Inferna Profundus Records, I am very grateful to him. (facebook-MDArt666)

5) How many bands have you done t-shirt art for?

Well I don't have very much, because I started to draw designs around December 2014 . I have made hand drawn designs for T-shirts to 5 bands and CD covers for 3 bands. 

6) How many logos have you drawn in the past few years? Are most of the logos for bands or record labels?

I have created logos for record labels, bands and other organizations. Mostly, I'm drawing for record labels.

7) Name some of  your most notable accomplishments? Any big bands that have used your work?

The greatest achievement was probably the graphic designs to bands such as Mortifera from France and The Noctambulant from USA. I might be able to work with Tsjuder band. I look forward to a response from them.

8) Name some of the Zines or E-zines that have featured your artwork?

At this moment, no, but my drawings will be in Lithuanian zine - Mass Hypnosis.

9) What are your aspiration and goals 2015? What are your current projects?

In 2015, I am planing to create a lot. At this moment I do not have a clients, so I draw for my own pleasure, to supplement my gallery.

10) If any bands/labels/zines etc.. want to get in contact with you, what is the best way to reach you?

The best way to contact me is to write a personal message to the facebook-MDArt666 or write to e-mail - manumdiaboliart@gmail.com

11) Thanks so much for participating in my zine, the last lines are for you, any final thoughts?

It was a great honor to answer to your questions. I hope somebody will show interest in my drawings.