Monday, March 16, 2015

MUTANK Announce New Guitarist Jordan Kelly To Line Up

After co-founding member Steven "Steve-In" Breen decided to part ways with MUTANK in January to return to his hometown of St. John's, NL, the Montreal based thrashers and 2014 Wacken Metal Battle Canada winners found themselves in search of a new machine to fire up the fret boards.

In a statement issued by the band:
"The selection process wasn't easy by any means. Breen was such an enormous presence, regarding one a of a kind writing style, a flawless, yet savage stage performance and overall possessing the ideal chemistry the band needed to grow and evolve. 
We aren't just musicians in this band, we clearly are lunatics with instruments, and we need the type who can juggle swords and laugh about their scars later.
Standing apart during initial auditions was Jordan Kelly, a previous band mate of front man Stephen "Steve Out" Reynolds, also hailing from Newfoundland who had relocated to Montreal to further his musical career.
Being well versed in many underground styles, with a proven road ready dedication and drive with musical ability to match, the band decided on Jordan even before Breen had left Montreal. 
Keeping the "M.E.C.H. Metal" spirit as true as ever, MUTANK with our members current and past, are continuing to bust heads and wreak havoc on the scene. 
We had a lot of interest shown when Breen had made his choice to split final, and to those who had came down to audition - we say TANK MU! We are honoured to have had such great energy from distinctly styled guitarists who had tried out. 
Stay tuned for upcoming concert announcements, tonnes of heavy new music and more in the very near future. 
You've been warned......"