Alexythimia - Nucleogenesis

Another release from Darkmeadow Recordings which is no longer an active label. This album somewhat mysterious since I did not find any info on this album what so ever online. So, after looking for a while I decided to just start listening and give you the best idea of what I hear. "Black Heart Galaxy", keyboards and clean melody, not metal at all, something different which is good. Oblivious Blue, an intriguing and beautiful piece with open landscape of feeling -great sound. "Olivine", violin and industrial type of beats. Trance instrumental with many samples. "Made of Stone", heavy beats and complex arrangements of sounds. "Duplicity", smooth tones and high vocalization, samples are interesting dialog about the human mind. "Oblivious Blue Broken in Two", space like synth sounds and industrial style beats, fast keyboard notes are done with good precision, more samples of societal expression. "Mui", this track is easily stuck in my head, simple notes screaming type of samples, like smoking something good and taking a mind trip through vast spacial environments. "Alucaro Lament", is the final track in this experimental journey of total sound immersion.

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