Pantheon of Blood - Tetrasomia

Released through Eldritch Lunar Miasma July 22 2013. Tetrasomia EP does not waste anytime setting the mood, from its first song "Thunder Alchemy" we hear open chord progressions and solid double bass kick work leading the charge. Vocals are excellent in true Finnish BM style. "Monta Maailmaa Nahnyt", simi clean guitar riff and slow tom rolls set an eerie mood and atmosphere of chaos. Production is good, all the instruments are captured with good clarity and tone. "Stigma Ja Kolmikarki", an interesting arrangement of chords with multi style vocals, from low, mid, high BM screams. "I.N.R.I." is the last song on this EP, an its a beast of a track, coming in with a clean guitar, memorable BM passages creating a dark abyss of travel. If you visit the bands BandCamp site you can stream two tracks form this EP. their previously release material includes "Pantheon of Blood" TAPE (Saturnian Productions / Breath of Pestilence, 2010) and "Consociatio Solis et Lunae" 7" (Glorious North Productions, 2011. Visit them on FB check out what they got going on. Overall I enjoyed this album and recommend it for fans of traditional Finnish Black Metal.



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