To The Pain - To The Pain

Self released June 25th 2013. To The Pain hails from Long Island NY and consist of members: Steve Shaver - Lead Guitar, vocals, John Intagliata - Lead Vocals, Mark Trojanoski -Guitar, Jeremy Lustig - Bass, vocals, Jimmy Klimatas - Drums.

To The Pain is the debut album, First track is, For The People, Buy The people, good quality production, the vocals are very distinguishable, I can understand all the lyrics which is sometimes rare to find in metal bands. "Silent Horror", my first thoughts are- good dynamics on the double kicks, the riffs are metal all the way, like the early era of Savatage or Saxon. "City of Flames", war, sirens, gun fire intro- fitting for the title of the track. Solid bass lines, a clear tone with a certain punch that will get your head moving."The Smell of Sulfur/ Rise of The Demons", long title and the intro caught me by surprise, for some reason my mind thinks of early Megadeth influence for the beginning riffs. "Burn With Me", the early roots of metal are evident and are experienced in this composition. "Fuel Injected Nightmares", memorable chorus lines, and dual verses are a highlight on here, we also hear some cool guitar harmonies in the middle measures, well executed. "A Good Revolution", we come to the end of the album, open chords followed by a hard driven rhythm. A faster paced arrangement than the other songs with a good message about taking back the power to the people from the leaders. An excellent way to close the album. Overall, enjoyable to listen to, many elements of early metal influences are exhibited. 



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