Cholos On Acid - Grab Your Brain

Cholos On Acid is a Thrash/Punk band from California. Their latest release is "Grab Your Brain", released through Thrash Valley Records August 6 2013. The first thing the captured my attention was the album cover, I saw it when visiting their Bandcamp page, it literally pops out at me, colorful, intense and definitely knew this was going to be some thrash metal coming my way. The album starts with "Hidden War", guitars have great tone and sound very clear, reminiscent of D.R.I. sound. "Cause of Pain", indeed memories of Suicidal Tendencies creep into my mind, this is a good thing, the track is a jam. "Cause and Effect is a short but killer track and has me headbanging. "The Way it Is", I had to listen to this several times, its just awesome- easy to jam, love the bass lines and chorus just sticks in my head. "Nowhere", alarm siren sample brings in the chaos, a thrash onslaught with distinguishable lyrics and engaging chorus. "Control", here we have some speed metal with some relentless drums leading the charge. "Laughing At Myself", feeling the punk style vibe all over this track, the mosh pit starter for sure. "Victim", yet another track the has me moving my head and wanting to start a mosh pit in my room. Great lyrics that have some meaning behind it to bring this song to the top of the list. "I Am Reagan", there is a sweet solo in this song, a thrash anthem with some aggressive riffs. "Sedition", political view type lyrics on war, gets straight to the point and brutalizes. "Fuck You Man", how's that for a title, love it already, this is the final song on this incredible thrash metal ride and its a solid closer. Surprisingly, unlike some of the new thrash metal bands appearing lately- these guys are the real deal and have been around since 1986- this is evident in their sound and songs. Do yourself a favor and pick up this album, you will not be disappointed - they deliver some solid tracks and worth every minute. Check them out on their sites.



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