Evil Poetry - Letheus Nocturnus

Going back a few years now. This album was released back in 2006 on Omeyocan Productions. Members are Zephiroth-Guitars, Vocals, Rockarla-Bass, Shadowbuilder-Drums. hailing from Mexico and their style being Black/Death Metal. The album starts with "Drama and Evolution", no wasting time getting to the brutality, production is ok, I noticed right away the drums loose some stamina at times. "Beyond The Trees of Sacred Forest",  decent arrangements raw guitar sounds. "Lacus Somniorum", open chords start of- lack of creative fills as I was thinking, half hearted cymbal hits were just to basic and unintentional.  "Letheus Nocturnus", clean guitar begins and once again the lack of creativity on the drum fills make this rather good riff feel weak and unimpressive. "Omeyocan Conjure", to highlight how lax the drums are and I really don't like to keep bringing up but on this particular song the drums start it off and can't help but notice how novice it really sounds. "The Silence Is Behind", a decent blend of high and low vocals, really hard for me to get into the music, its just to plain and repetitive. "Hate", a fast grinder the drops in stamina as it approaches the next change up. While doing research I found that they do have a release from 2010, so maybe there is some improvement there but after listening to this I am not really inspire to check it out. Good effort on their part but really difficult to find anything of interest.

metal-archives.com-Evil Poetry/Letheus Nocturnus


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