Moss Of Moonlight - Winterwheel

Winterwheel EP released June 21 2013 under Cascadian Alliance. Moss Of Moonlight hails from Bellingham, WA. The group is comprised of two members: Cavan Wagner, Jenn Grunigen. their style is Cascadian Folk Metal.

The first track on the EP is Gaet, I instantly get a sense of adventure. Production is good, I like the sound of the guitars - distortion is warm and subtle allowing the vocals to cut through effectively. There are two vocalist, Cavan does mid low growl style and clean, Jenn does some really impressive high vocals with much harmony and range. This track is epic at eleven and half minutes and is able to keep me intent as to what's coming next. "Eole", spoken word speaking of nature and pagan origins, musically beautiful with dual vocal harmonies and an engaging story unfolding. The song merges into a heavy rendition of the first verses and blends perfectly together. I have to be completely honest and say I am not familiar with folk metal and the only thing that I can compare this to is Arkona or Turisas, that is the extent of my experience in the genre. "Catte", is the third song, many open chords and another type of instrument is apparent. The vocals on the this track for a few measures resemble somewhat BM style for a couple of bars. Flute and guitar solo arrangements are catchy and stick in my mind. A long journey with many twist and turns, a blend of several styles folk, black and doom, you will find something of interest in the song of epic proportions at thirteen minutes long, prepare for the ride. "Hraefne", this is the final song on the EP. a harmonious and titillating start- meaningful and powerful message about nature. Perfect way to close this experience, I will more likely be looking forward to more music from this band as well investigating others in the same genre. 
~Artemortifica Moss of Moonlight
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