Dark Design - Prey For The Future

Dark Design new album "Prey For The Future" on Heaven and Hell Records to be released September 2013. The band consist of  Andrew Bertrand-Vocals, Mike Joyner-Guitars , Matt Mercer-Bass,Backing vocals. Ray Lewis-Guitars, Backing vocals. Robbie Mercer-Drums, Backing vocals. They describe their style as Progressive/Thrash/Power Metal. First track is "In Media Res", a welcomed change, as its a clean acoustic opening rather than the typical scream and riff that is repeated constantly in metal albums these years. In my opinion is good to listen to and keeps me interested. Dark Design, solid guitars and production. "No Death", I can hear the thrash metal influence, I also am enjoying the warm tone of the guitar and clear vocal patterns. "Abiding Contempt", drums kick this one off with some rolling tom fills, good track. "Welcome to You're Doom" bass is highlighted at the beginning on this song, then the song goes into a very chunky mosh pit feeling style of arrangements. "Dragonmount", for some reason the band Wrath keeps popping into my mind - it could be the vocal style- or maybe even early Forbidden, either way I like it. "Meditations", awesome guitar work right from the start, really kicking some ass and then into some speed that will have most people raging and headbanging."Spice World", is very interesting, the opening has some egyptian sounding riffs, then goes into something much more thrash death style- good combo."Dust In The Wind", here is a surprise- something unexpected, never in my wildest dreams did imaging listening to this song by Kansas cover in a metal format- When it came in I thought for sure it was not going to be good- but after listening to it several times- they did a great job- and found myself enjoying this version very much. Overall - I really enjoyed this album, I believe many metal fans will find something to like- lots of surprises keep the listener intent and solid performances by these musicians make the album a must have for your collection.



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