Northwind Wolves - Astronomy

L.A. Neo-Classical-Melodic metal band Northwind Wolves self release album Astronomy. The band consist of, Noor - Lead Vocals/Guitar, Astaroth - Guitar, Alec - Keyboard, Gory Cory - Bass. The album starts of with the song Terrestrial Hellworld, sample intro about suicide, then some fast keyboards and guitar solos, great production- all the instruments are well balanced. Next up "Cold Celestial Northwinds", aggressive guitar lick, early metal style open chords with heavy palm muted transition. The drum accents did sound somewhat in the background at first. Many keyboard progressions can be heard and are well executed. Conjuration of The Plague Star, solid transitions and massive grinding on the guitar rhythms. The bass player can be clearly heard on this song and has a wicked sound. There is also an exchange of solos towards the end of the track that really perked my ears and I had to listen to it several times. Starlit Funeral Forest, the guitar tone is punchy and stomping through my speakers, this is complimented with elaborate keyboard progressions full on many notes played rapidly and with precision. "Astronomy", title track, very interesting name. This song definitely gets my head moving, great riffs that are catchy and easy to remember - the drums are thundering through this beast at high velocity while the strings interchange a variety of arrangements. This is probably my favorite track thus far. I have to take a moment and compliment them on their logo, its shape like a howling wolf and its probably one of the most unique logos I have seen in the metal genre this year. "Black Ritual Stardeath - The Vampires Waltz", an epic beginning. The vocals are done in a BM style and remind a bit of early At The Gates. There is also a memorable solo towards the end of this track which stays in my mind. "Sea of Storms", is the final song on this album. A symphony of chaotic intention, feels like all the elements come together to leave the listener enthralled and wanting more. The track seals the journey and it feels like a short one, but I have experienced a wealth of talent in each track. The hard work they put into each song is apparent. Northwind Wolves is a band that all metal fans should listen to. The album is available via Reverbnation and Youtube and should not be missed.


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