Abominant - Onward To Annihilation

Onward To Annihilation - released on August 6 2013 through Deathgasm Records. The band hails from Kentucky, U.S.A. and have been devastating with their brand of brutal DM since 1993. "We Are Coming", is the first track, starts with a sound of demons rising from the depths of the earth. Heavy blast beats and aggressive guitars set the mood in true brutal form. Conquerors of Dust, very catchy and captivating riffs lead us into an onslaught of solid double kicks and mosh inducing rhythms. "Left To Rot", this is a song from Hypocrisy's first album Penetralia, I remember listening to it back in the early nineties and this is a very nice surprise to listen to it here, they have definitely put their own mark on it and I rather enjoy the dual vocals of high/low mix- it adds another dimension to it for sure. "Battlescarred", a dark atmosphere building start with the drum and bass leading the charge into some open chords, then we take a detour into chaos with some grinding drums and speed picking medley. "Onward To Annihilation", title track, the roots of DM are expressed in every riff I hear, the drums are consistent and have great production value. "Hold Your Ground", this has thrash metal distinction and is yet another surprise, the track is awesome and I can easily sink my head into it. "Beside The Dying Flame", we get to hear the bass in good clarity in the beginning of this particular track, reminiscent of early Grave, Gorefest or Morbid Angel. Good arrangements and will surely get an audience slamming in a live situation. "Legions Of Hell", is the closing song, brutality galore as all the elements come together to finalized the chaos that was unleashed through their music. Overall a great album and I recommend it for all fans of DM plus with a few surprises your bound to find something of interest. Check out their other releases and follow them on FB.




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