Baalberith / Razakel Krieg - Dawn of A New Existance

This is a split released under the no longer in existence label Darkmeadow Recordings in 2011. First on the album is Baalberith. The song My Withering is a great to kick things of, very strong and awesome production in the drums although a bit loud in the mix they are accurate and consistent. The Cullin of Ignorance, eatures some good riffs both open chords as well as palm muted ones- love the fast parts. "Helvete Storm", the ride cymbal hits chime like ancient bells- I rather like it most would say its to loud but i enjoy it- we then get an onslaught of pure BM madness- its awesome. "The God That never Was', I am digging the title and really like this song - I feel it captures the old sound which began in the early nineties BM genre- fast brutal and really gets the head moving. This recordings is awesome. Now with on to Razakel Krieg which is a band that is still active, one man project from the UK. The intro takes us into a dark void. Blood Soaked Suicide, assuming the drums are programmed sound good. Dismal guitar sound open drone progressions. 'The Resurrection of the Beast', sounds different than the previous track, maybe recorded at a different time. Fast paced drums sound different too- guitar has a raw sound. Gates of heaven, interesting start, a quick switch to instruments. More drum fills and chaotic atmosphere. 'Bound By Satanic Victory', bare bones raw crude sounds but i think thats the only way to incarnate the beast being portrayed, drums sound more solid. "Churchburner', the sound dropped a few decibels on this track, and the drum program has a bad snare in my opinion, guitars sound like they a very far away- as far as composition is ok- but the production does take away a bit from it. 'Storm of Amguish', dismal creepy hymns, once again a different kind of sound. I will concentrate on the music- its well arranged and features some high vocals in true BM style. Last song of the split is 'Stigmata of The Universe', that sound huge and engaging. Some of the beats used sounded somewhat awkward but none the less got the message across. Overal an album the has a variety of production and many songs to explore. if you enjoy pure underground raw to the bone dismal feeling than you might enjoy this split.


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