Ditheist - Seduction of Demons

Seduction of Demons is a self release EP from 2008 by Mid-west DM band Ditheist and current members are Konrad Lysak- Guitar, Narcyz Fortuna.- Drums, Jason Dienethal-Vocals, Jarek Badzioch-Bass. The first track is "Vengeance is Mine", first impression is -solid production, double kick work comes in clear and precise, guitars are brutal and not over produced. I do hear a Decapitate influence on this song. "Thrown Into Oblivion", blast beats ripping through this song are awesome- then we hear nice chunky mosh style riffing that fits rather well. "Seduction of Demons", some killer riffs start this song of and remind me of early Morbid Angel, the vocals are aggressive and have that early nineties style of vocalizing that is guttural yet clear enough to understand the lyrics most of the time. There are some interesting arrangements that are most definitely rooted in the DM style but done creatively enough to call their own. "Twilight of Burroughs Asymmetry", grinding onslaught batters the senses, the bass player has a great sound on this production and adds to the heaviness being projected. Some similarities to early Monstrosity, Death and Vader. Overall a very solid performance and production was great. I recommend for fans of pure underground DM in the vein of early Deicide, Decapitated, Vader or Monstrosity.

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