ATIUS - Gods of Science

Self release April 5 2013. Gods of Science is an album which began taking form in 2011. Atius hails from Denmark and has been active since 2003. The opening track has an intriguing black metal feel and melds into something melodic and elegant. "Condemned"  is very pleasing to my ears, a certain catchy composition the reminds me of the classic BM riffs from the early nineties but done in way that sticks in your mind. Descending to Triumph brings me back to the old Dissection - At The Gates days, pure brutality mix with melodic passages, very well executed. "The Forsaken" solid drums highlight this song, double kicks are machine gun precise, they come through clear and crisp. "The World Forgotten" thinking Mayhem or Absu for this one. A well mix of vocals high and low together give it that certain unique aspect that transition perfectly with the instruments. Production quality is amazing when you consider this is a self release. Everything is on the level no matter how loud you turn it up, it all stays balanced. A certain clarity makes all the melodic composition and aggressive riffing up front and enjoyable to listen to. "The Gates of Hell" with a title like that you know its going to be intense and it is. Found myself spinning this track several times. grinding elements on the drums can be experienced on this song, well done. "The Rising Shadow" enjoying the intro riff which is harmonize guitar work building into classic BM style of intensity. I would have to say this is my favorite track from the entire album due to its complicated guitar work which is executed flawlessly and remains in my head for days . "Soundless Decay" battle like drums guide us in for the last journey into this band. The main riff is a moshing montage that is sure to please concert goers in live situations. This song definitely leaves me wanting more. The bands previous releases is a demo from 2005 and "Gods of Science" being their first full length release. Overall a pleasurable experience and highly recommend this for fans of old style of BM/ DM and melodic listeners alike, you will surely find yourself immersed from the first note.

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