Skeletal Spectre - Voodoo Dawn

Released on Pulverized Records recently, Voodoo Dawn is an album by Skeletal Spectre consisting of Vanessa Nocera - All Vocals, Behold The Pentagram - Guitar & Bass, Haunting The Beyond: Drums. The first track "Voodoo Dawn", comes in strong, instantly reminds me me of early Benediction or Bolt Thrower. "Altar of Damballah", catchy riffs, strong vocals and killer bass tones drive this beast, very epic sound. A distinct voice in the BM genre although rooted in BM she maintains a unique signature, achieving low to high pitch effortlessly. "Serpent Moon", interesting title, raw production add to the feeling on the composition. "Bone Dust", surely to become a fan favorite amongst the underground culture if it hasn't already. This track just screams brutality in all aspects. "Shallow Grave", like the most memorable styles of the early nineties BM/DM this one bring it forth from start to finish."Black Augury Hollow", must speak on the drums, solid performance, the recording has thunder feeling when the double kicks begin to roll. Great song. "She Wolf of Devil's River", with a title like that you can't go wrong, we get to hear some really good solo work towards the end of this song, its cool to spin it several times to get an overall dismal feeling, excellent writing. "Haunted Gallows", this track had me headbanging from the opening, lyrical content is awesome, the clarity of the vocals lends itself to be recognizable. It is yet another track that is bound to be a fan favorite as it has become one of mine. "Flip-Side of Satan", a brutal assault to the senses, a surprise on here, we hear some clean vocals mix with the BM style, really impressive and destructive. Anyone who is interested they also have these releases,  "Tomb Coven" (2009 Razorback Recordings), "Occult Spawned Premonitions (2011 Razorback Recordings / Selfmadegod Records), split 7" EP w/Druid Lord (2011 HGPD Productions)
I highly recommend this album for fans of old school DM/BM genres, I believe both old and new metalheads will find something to enjoy from this journey.


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