The Lumberjack Feedback - Hand of Glory

Released in France just last week on Kaotoxin Records. The Ep will be made available in the UK and US in August 2013. Hand of Glory features two tracks, the masterminds behind this opus are Boumt Hersina-Guitar, Arnaud Silvert-Guitar, Sebastien Tarridec-Bass , Chris Ito-Drums, Nicolas Tarridec-Drums. If you noticed two drummers listed its not a typo - there are two drummers playing on this EP. Doom drone sludge style. The first song is "A Whisper To The Thunder", heavy heavy is my first impression and I also get a huge Neurosis feeling happening, the guitars are setting a dramatic state of reality, its doom but has a certain heavy rock vibe to it not sure how to explain that but the song will have you moving and searching for someone to hit. Feelings of a dismal landscape, a dark heavy atmosphere of much malevolence.  "The Dreamcatcher" low deep bass begins this song. Intrigued by how well produced this is, consider the fact there are two drums and a low tuned bass and guitar you might think this will not come out so great in a recording but far from that, its balanced and clear giving it a perfect canvas on which to explore its enormous sound. I found myself digging deep into the tones created here. In case you are wondering there are no vocals just instruments. The entire Ep clocks in at the 17 minute mark which is fitting to ingest the entire adventure the composition creates for your mind



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