Nailgun - New World Chaos

New World Chaos released through STF Records in 2012. Nailgun is comprised of vocals - Manuel Blesch, guitar - Daniel Morsch, guitar - Nenad Eppli, bass - Sven Rakowitz and drums - Steffen Wiesel
Making their brand of metal since 2008 and the bands previous releases include self release album Paindustry They are from South Germany. "Fragment of Chaos" has an epic start, grabs the attention from the first few riffs. "Traitor", loving the clean opening, definitely catchy riff and equally catchy rhythm. "I Have Enough" some hints of power metal influence in this track and a few others as well. "Abyss of Shadows" such an excellent bass line leads this one and remains in my head, I don't want to compare to much but the song reminds me somewhat of End Of Green, which is a band I am a huge fan of. I would have to say this is my favorite track from this album. "Deep Shades of Sorrow' much heavier the the previous tracks, chunky and strong rhythms. "The Result" interesting choice of guitar work, followed by wha wha voice vox effect the really creative and catchy."Change of Seasons" great chorus and verse will most likely capture the attention of a vast audience, just a well rounded song all together. "When God Turned Away", my mind thinks of Dream Theater, because of the vocals but more the progression of compositions. "Time is Running Out", much more speed is exhibited  on this song but keeps the melodic experience well intact. "You Are Everything" is the final song, long intro before building into another epic track to bring us to the end of this journey and leaves me wanting more, overall impressed very much by the entire album. Recommend this album for metal fans of Symphony X or Dream Theater.


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