Laid8 - These Faded Lines

A self release album from September 2012. Based in London the band consist of: Tal Itay - Vocals, Oded Grosz - Drums, Dave G. - Guitars, Uri "KaBuKiM" Ofir - Bass. They describe themselves as new wave alternative metal. The album is thirteen tracks, starting with the song "Your Mistake", warm guitar riff, once the vocals start I am drawn in for more inspection. "Corner of The Evening Sky", really enjoying the bass sound, solid and crisp. The more I listen to the vocalist the more I enjoy it. "Flush", drum bass hold a cool intro in the beginning, interesting lyrical content, clean vocals make easy to understand. "You" simple yet effective title, I here some Korn style of riffing at times but only on a few rhythms. Incline to say it reminds me a bit of a band I have seen a few times live -Otep, but with a much warmer and inviting sound. "Ode To You", a beautiful song, melodic in spirit engaging dynamics on the drum part, vocals remind me of Portishead. The track is easily digested by the senses and found myself listening to it several times. "Is This what You Waited For", the paced is picked up a few notches for this song, great guitar sound, not to over-dominating but just enough to give a heavy lining. "Hopelost", the lyrics are more basic on this track compare to the others. "Before You Choose", a melodic and emotional ride, subtle clean guitar with a slight chorus type effect, very captivating an easily stays in my mind. The last four tracks on here are from a 2010 EP (Remaster), starting with "Necessary Evil", clapping and harmonize guitar into a much heavier sounding composition. "Point of no Return", more crunch on the instruments giving it that metal genre style. "Answers", faster and stepped up rhythms, I can see this being an audience pleaser in a live concert situation. "Living Flame", interesting compositions, clean to heavy with great harmonic vocal phrases. Overall an enjoyable listening experience and is sure to reach vast audiences as well as radio friendly music. be sure to check them out at a concert near you.


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