Graveyard of Souls - Shadows of Life

FDA Rekotz released on June 21 2013. Graveyard of Souls - Shadows of Life album. Melodic/Death Doom consisting of two members, Raúl Puente and Angel. "Genesis", intro track develops the atmosphere and leads us into "Shadows of Life", instantly think of many different doom bands but I will refrain from mentioning any and try to listen for its own aesthetics. Open chord progressions as well as keyboards create a smooth layer of epic feeling. "Dreaming of Some Day to Awake" this song grabs my attention, something about the opening riffs linger in my head way after the song is finished. "Memories of The Future" (We Are), vocals are in the range between brutal low and mid but yet understandable. Composition not super complicated, just simple and good rhythms. "Follow Me", in doing my research for this band, I found them to be obscure. not much info on their FB site, this lends to really playing close attention to their music and explore the landscapes they create. This particular song almost sounds other worldly, it creates infinite travel, like a journey through stars. One of my favorites from this album. "Mad World", almost reminiscent of early Neurosis except only two members holding all the instruments in this case. "Solitude's My Paradise", a rock style of riffing starts this one, keyboards layer chant like melodies, vocals remind me of Novembers Doom at moments. "Dead Earth" much different than the other tracks, a tad more upbeat. "There Will Come Soft Rains", captivating from the beginning, I found myself listening to this song multiple times, doom overtones with certain melodic feel, catchy and entrancing composition by far my favorite. This track seals the epic adventure that is Shadows of Life. I highly recommend it for fans of doom, melodic, hard rock and ambient listeners.
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