Ocellus - Departure

Released on Pavement Entertainment, Inc. May 2013 "Departure" is the latest release by Ocellus from Lyons, WI they are a six piece band: Matt - Vocals, Jordan - Guitars, Griff - Guitars, James -Guitars/Cleans, Phil - Bass/Cleans, Goody - Drums. Their first release "Crush. Kill. Destroy." was back in 2010. The new album Departure starts with "Bittersweet Misery", great production, I hear a variety of influences as well as a great range of vocals styles. "Sleepless" at times the vocals remind me of Fear Factory or Suicide Silence. "Epiphany" solid drum work, you can hear some very precise footwork as well as great executed arpeggio riffs in this track. "Endeavors" enjoying the way all the vocals don't clash with each other, they seemed to be in good collaborations through out all the songs.
"Death of A Tyrant", interesting title, aggressive licks and grinding drums, this reminds me of The Haunted first album, this is good because I enjoy that very much. "Wolf In Sheep's Clothing" I hear an early Lamb Of God influence but with diverse style vocals, great guitar riffs happening. "My Protector" , the bass lines come through nice and clean for this track, brutal and assaulting, a great song to headbang to. "Undying Allegiance" more on the modern metal shape of things, engaging the new generation of metal heads, I also hear some cool guitar run downs. "The Great Scape" is the last track, lots of stop and start drum fills on this track, a captivating ending to seal the deal for the record. If you live in or around the mid-west region I recommend checking out a live set. Anyone can find something to like on this album, I recommend to fans of Lamb Of God, The Haunted and Machine Head.



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