Besieged - Victims Beyond All Help

Besieged Thrash/ Death Metal band from Winnipeg, Manitoba. Fast, aggressive and relentless is what comes to mind from the opening track "Internal Suffering" reminds me a lot of Overkill or Vio-Lence. "Death" pure and straight to the point, really enjoying the solo work on the guitars for this one. This album will be available through Unspeakable Axe Records on July 9th 2013 so keep your eyes peeled for it. "Buried Alive" a thrash metal pleaser for sure, think of Death Angel early days on this one. "The End' want to hear some elaborate drum work? then check out this track, some killer dynamics are created by drummer and at times remind me of early Sepultura like Morbid Visions album. "Victims Beyond All Help" title track , sure to be an audience captivator, a flurry of solos like the kind experienced in the early Slayer albums, well executed. "Trapped Inside", speaking on the album cover, than this song would fit the best, as thrash metal goes this track exhibits all the right components. The band's first demo release was in 2004 entitled Visions of Pain followed by original CD-R release of Victims Beyond All Help in 2010 only 300 printed. "Black" is the final song, pushing the boundaries of speed with some complex riffing and lightning fast double kick work, a great way to seal the album that is sure to become a favorite among the Thrash/DM audience. 


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