GraVil - Thoughts of a Rising Sun

GraVil is a five piece metal band from London, members are Grant Stacey - Vocals, Andy Slade - Lead & Rhythm Guitars, Tony Dando - Lead & Rhythm Guitars, Sparx - Bass and Backing Vocals, Conor Harkness - Drums. A very active and successful band they recently played The Download Festival back in June 2013 and are about to play HammerFest 6 2014 slated to play among major acts Kreator and Overkill. Thoughts of a Rising Sun is their latest album released in May. "Structurally Unsound" is the first song and it slams in with raw brutality. my first thoughts, amazed at how many styles I heard on just this first song, we get thrash, melodic, technical along with a good spectrum of vocalization. "Enemy Within" sounds kind of industrial metal at first then gets some riffing that give it a Machine Head type of vibe. "Beyond Reprieve" solid drumming and very catchy riffs, really sinking my ears on this track. "The Wanderer" has a modern metal style feel to it, maybe a bit of Devil Driver tinge. "Something Worth Chasing' surprising and inviting keyboards lead this song, not a fast driven but remaining well structured and heavy. "Interlude" and its a clever one, introducing a much fitting guitar part that melds perfectly with the entire composition taking us right into "Thoughts of a Rising Sun", my first thoughts are, I hear a somewhat power metal influence here, except the vocals keep it in the modern scope of things. "Through The Eyes of Spartans" fast and relentless, I imaging this being the mosh pit starter in a live environment. Drums are keeping solid beat and executing great dynamics. "Bottle of Shadows" I am digging the clean melodic guitar start, then building into a memorable composition featuring harmonized riffing towards the end. "March of The Titans" (feat. Cradle of Filth) interesting track, a wide array of instrumentation assaulting the senses, everything seemingly coming together to complete this beast of an album. Overall this album really captivated me and I recommend to metal fans of Machine Head, Fear Factory, Chimaira, in general the audience will find something enjoyable in each and every song.


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