Serocs - The Next

To be released in October 2013 on one of the most heavy labels around Comatose Records. Serocs describes themselves as "Technical Death-Grind from all over the world", featuring Antti Boman (DEMILICH), Chris Lollis (LECHEROUS NOCTURNE) and more. The project began in 2009 as a one man band (Antonio Freyre) guitar. "The Next" is an eight track album filled with speed, technicality and brutality. Some crazy time signatures churned up in a mad-mans lab in hell. The drums are blazing and never let up, a solid and precise yet chaotic and frenzied style. The bass is doing some superior fills that defy explanation at times. Most casual listeners might not understand what to make of it, more advance listener will absolutely love it. Some bands that come to mind are Gorod, Illogist, Necrophagist, Psycroptic and Braindrill. For death/grind that spans world wide it delivers many thrills and surprises. "Alienus Gignesthai" is the last track and is the only track the has a somewhat mid pace clean guitar in the beginning but ends quickly back into the brutality. Overall enjoyable to listen to and for fans of Tech/Death grind.



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