The Vein - Scouring the Wreckage of Time

Shadow Kingdom Records released on June 25th 2013. Scouring the Wreckage of Time, the debut album by The Vein from Aalborg Denmark. The Vein have created this journey of old school doom/ BM sometimes DM style ride that encompasses several old school genres in the modern day. "Pale Dawn Rising" sludgy and dark tones with deep guttural style of vocals. "Seeds of Blasphemy", we get to listen to some keyboards on this track and really enjoy the mood this sets, like old Paradise Lost or Novembers Doom but with heavy low vocals. "Acedia" without a doubt my favorite song, very much intrigued by the melody and atmosphere this track creates, I found myself captivated and only disappointed that it did not last much longer. "The Poisoned Chalice", close to nine minutes long is an epic story, keeps the listener intent from riff to riff. "The Great Deception",  we get to hear some dual vocals on this track and some long drone style compositions. the band began in 2010 and current members include  JBP: Vocals, Martin Meyer Mendelssohn Sparvath: Rhythm/Lead guitars, C. Nörgaard – Bass & keyboards, Thomas Wesley - Drums. "Carving a Labyrinth of Despair", crossing into the thirteen minute mark, the song takes us into a journey of dark abyss, an oblivion of madness if you will. the opening riff wraps its tentacles around your ears and sucks you in. Many elements from samples to keyboard passages can be experienced, making this a great way to end our ride. Overall I recommend for metal fans of doom, sludge, BM and even some ambient listeners. 



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