A.H.P. - Against Human Plague

A.H.P. - Against Human Plague is a one man band made up of, Gulnar. Music style is listed as, Depressive suicidal black metal. Band location, Norway.

 Against Human Plague to be released on Via Nocturna 21 February 2016. This is like a rising inferno. The album impacts with rapid blast beats and conjuring a dark perception. Tremolo guitar riffs layered with impulsive high screams. Some influences that maybe noted could be Bathory, Emperor or Spiritus(UK). Out of the ten menacing compositions, the one that stood out the most is "Drowned", a dark melody introduces us and leads into dark corridors. Feelings of despair linger and hopelessness is projected. The opening and title track is also another favorite and "Down Here", is enchanting and atmospheric. Like a trip through the void.   

Final thoughts, a savage execution of sound. Reaching down deep into the sorrow in ones mind.



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