Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Plutonium - Born Again Misanthrope

Plutonium is a one man band made up of, Mr. J. Music style is listed as, Industrial Extreme Metal. Band location, Sweden.

Born Again Misanthrope album self released on January 2016. Mr. J. was gracious enough to send me a hard disc copy of this malevolent beast of an album. In terms of production quality, this is a well balanced and powerful sounding recording. Strong drum sound and heavy tremolo guitar riffing. The black metal influence is noticeable right from the opening track. Rapid blast beats and demonic screams fill the air waves. This is Mr J third album as Plutonium. The project began in 2003 with the release of Wind of Change demo, followed by One Size Fits All album 2007, Devilmentertainment non-stop 2011 and A Decade of Indifference 2013. 

As I listen further into this creation, I come upon the track "The Inverted Panopticon Experience", a dark atmosphere becomes evident, like dark tentacles of despair reaching around your neck, this track can bring chills to your bones. The track "Casque Strength", arrives and paints a different soundscape, like an industrial wave or Nine Inch Nails influence infusion, either way, along with black metal style vocals, its an impressive track. Searching deeper now, the song "Renuntiationem", is by far a different experience. Sorrow, despair and darkness are the feelings projected by this track. A somber composition, subtle rhythm. The slow, clean strumming guitar sets a bleak resonance and its another favorite of mine from this album. 

Final thoughts, the album presents many characters, it can be fast and aggressive but also melodic and sorrowful. An impressive collection of artistic presentations. If you like extreme metal and dark melodies, then you will want to lend your ears to this release.



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