Amorite - Invisible Fire

Amorite is a two piece band made up of, Szabó Péter- Vocals, Drums and Keszi Csaba- Guitars, Bass. Music style is listed as, death metal. Band location, Hungary.

Invisible Fire album released on Neverheard Distro, 15 October 2015. A pure assault of death metal supremacy. Raw and low end distortion sound. The album has a familiar old school death metal production, reminding me of Broken Hope, Bolt Thrower, Demolition Hammer, and Embalmer. The band offers us six destructive tracks that are structure edged in the early era old d/m. Among the more pronounced performances captured within this release would be, "Gathering Storm", a straight battery of riffs coming at you, the song takes no prisoners. The song "Enuma Elis", has classic and memorable phrases. Fast blast beats and strong double kicks with catchy rhythms.  

Final thoughts, music that is rooted in the early style of death metal. Die hard fans will truly enjoy this release and will want to mark it in their collection.



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