Blade of Horus - Monumental Massacre

Blade of Horus is a three piece band made up of, IVAN ELLIS-Guitars. ERIC JENKINS- Lyrics. JAMES BUCKMAN- Guitars. KEVIN TALLY - Drums. Music style is listed as, technical death metal. Band location, Sydney and Newcastle.

Monumental Massacre album released on Lacerated Enemy Records 29 January 2016. A powerful and intense release. Well thought out and arranged. With many arpeggios and elaborate scales through out, there is no shortages of interesting things to hear. If I were to name a few influences they would be bands like Misery Index, Soreption, Cryptopsy, Revocation and Archspire. 

In total, the band offers us seven crushing tracks with sudden stops and complex structures. Among my favorites would be the songs, "Descent into the Cosmic Realm of Everlasting Madness", catchy melodies and the solos are truly futuristic, the song "Succumb to the Overwhelming Stench of Necrophagia", I actually had this on repeat for a while on my player. The main riff is easily captured in my mind and it is a heavy tune to clench your fist and headbang to.   

Final thoughts, if you like technical and pure brutal music, then look no further, this is the album for you.



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