Atrament - Eternal Downfall

Atrament is a four piece band made up of, Chad Gailey: Drums. James Meyer: Guitar. Sam Carr-Prindle: Bass. Mattia Alagna: Vocals. Music style is listed as, D-Beat Crust/Black Death. Band location, Oakland, CA.

Eternal Downfall album to be released on Broken Limbs 4th March 2016. With high volume and savage intent the music is furious. Heavy distorted guitars and strong drums dominate. Trying to think what best describes this style, I would say a mix between Napalm Death, Agnostic Front, and Broken Hope. The song "Consumed", attacks with blast beats and open chord progressions. Some of the stand out performances from this album would "Aeon of Suffering", and "Circle of Wolves", aggressive guitars and vocals. Rhythms remain the same through out most of the album. 

My final thoughts, a strong performance is captured, the constant time signatures makes the songs sound similar to each other. Vocal delivery is intense and mosh pit inducing.



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