Grayscale Season - Head to Mist

Grayscale Season is a four piece band made up of, Eddie Lejhagen, Adam Dahlman, Richard Sörensen, Axel Karlsson. Music style is listed as, Metal. Band location, Kungsbacka, Sweden.

Head To Mist album to be self released on February 29th 2016. My initial impression, strong and powerful. Aggressive riffs become ominous right from the beginning. The production is very good. Great sounding drums and intense distortion sound. The vocals rage, low growls and screams. The band offers us twelve tracks and they are all devastating. Among my most favorite would be "Bones Break and Broken Bones", low tuned strings and triplet double kicks keep this one interesting and engaging. "Dead Man Walking", upon listening, it reminds me of groups like early Suicide Silence, Lamb of God or Animals As Leaders, the song delivers punishing wave of sonic persistence.  

Final thoughts, the album is monumental. Bringing forth rapid twist and turns with unexpected fury. A quality recording with shattering drums and strong rhythms layering complex arrangements. Be sure to check these guys out, heavy and powerful, you will not be disappointed. 



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