THE FOG (Germany) - 'Perpetual Blackness'

The Fog is a four piece band made up of, V. Lord - Vocals. C.C. - Guitar. Defiler - Bass. Avenger - Drums. Music style is listed as, Death/Doom Metal. Band location, Germany.

Perpetual Darkness album released on Memento Mori, January 25 2016. Like storm grey clouds or a sudden morning mist over the graveyard. This album encapsulates these nightmarish realms. Low tuned strings, with heavy distortion layer the landscape and slowly wrap their dark cold hands upon the neck of those who are not prepared. The song "Crawling Doom", offers many horrors of slow but precise rhythms. "Creeping Lunacy", as the title implies it is exactly what you are going to be pummeled with. Like the early roots of Celtic Frost or Venom. The influence can be heard in most of these songs.

Final thoughts, torturous and potent compositions. Seven tracks to melt your brain with dark savagery.



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