Sunday, March 31, 2013

Cathedral Of The Black Goat 3 review

I had an opportunity to finally check out Cathedral Of The Black Goat 3 that took place near my town recently. I missed the first two and heard a lot about it. The show is well organize by Myrmydon and the previous two are proof of that. The original location for this was Cafe' Lura and the day before the show the place lost its license so it had to be moved to another location not to far away from Cafe' Lura, (thanks to Dave) at the LiveWire down the street. The time for the event changed as well, from 2pm to now 11am. With many bands and fans traveling from different states and countries you might think this would put a big damper on things but, as I found out it turned out to be an excellent show. Originally priced at 25.00 dollars the admission turned into a donation which most people gladly gave to support the cause. Arriving at 10:45am there was already a line at the door as I expected. I quickly got into conversation with people and many were excited and did not even mind the sudden change of events, rather they were energetic and thrilled to be there.

People were let in around 11:40 am and it was announced that only 60 people will be allowed in. The first band Infernal Sacrament started promptly. Adorned with full red robe and skeletal spinal column on the mike stand, the brutality began. Baphometic Fire took the stage next and the atmosphere was intense, fast blast beats and high screams abound. Nuclear Hammer came on and I was impressed by the drummer the most, very determined and solid with his playing. Nocturnal Fear provided the backlined for the entire show which made things much easier for all the bands involved. They played a great set with only drums, guitar and vocals. I really enjoyed the solos and aggressive nature of the songs. Nexul from Texas destroyed with some great songs.

 Black Witchery played with full energy and brought the audience to a new level. I got hit in the pit a few times during their set which is a sign of a good band. Very much enjoyed their music and definitely a crowed favorite. Hellvetron came on a with a dark atmospheric set. Morbosidad from mexico got the entire place going crazy by far bringing the intensity level through the roof, along with bible burning and a full pig head been flung about, it sure was a spectacle to peer your eyes upon. 

Demonic Christ from Ohio played a brutal set with intense guitar sound and some mosh pit action by the audience made it all come together in pure BM style. Bestial Raids from Poland was the headlining act and due to my travels i could not stick around to witness their set. Overall a great experience and will most likely be attending number 4 when it comes around again. Below is a link to the playlist I compiled of all the bands that played this event. You can also visit the links to the official COBG fb site to get more info.