Vexilla Regis Prodeunt Inferni - VRPI

Satanic death metal from Mexico. A five piece band bringing us hell itself in the form of old school death metal. The album is divided into nine chapters. "Serpents Council" begins our dark exploration of infernal nightmares. The intro is ominous and leads into a great DM style solo which kicks off the devastation. I am reminded of old Sinister or Deicide. "Ceremony of The Impure" with chants and double kick domination we get to hear the level of skill the drummer is possessing in this particular track. 

"Ravenous Apocalyptic Raids" is a short track almost reminiscent of Behemoth or Dimmu. "Towards Battlefields" killer grind beats can be heard along with raw guitars. "Purification by the Sword" very interesting guitar riffs begin this song and stick in my brain right away, the two create an interesting pitch harmony that is truly haunting to my senses. 

This band was conceived in the winter of 2009 and have a demo which was recorded in 2011. "Leviathans Coronation" is death metal to the bone, has got to be my favorite track from this album, you can literally sense a demon rising from the sea when you hear this song, it is wicked manifestation of evil. "Nine Kingdoms" start with a dual guitar dives and then into a memorable passage, I do enjoy hearing the chemistry between these to string players Santiago Alcocer and Jesus Inukai, you can also hear some dual demonic vocals taking place that resemble demonic possession of sorts, like speaking tongues. 

"Hunting and Sacrifice" has a very cool drum intro followed by some Terrorizer style riffs. "Necropolis Rising" ends my trip through hell, This last song has a very surprising ending, I was not expecting at all, a violin layers the last measures with great musical arrangement, a nice twist and enjoyable turn for my ears.  Overall the band captures the DM style perfectly, have great harmonies and interesting riffs, vocals are not to guttural but enough to make you cringe and exalt evil spirits. I recommend for fans of early Sepultura, Samael, Morbid Angel, or even Slayer Haunting the Chapel fans.

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