Total Negation - Zur späten Stunde | Zeiträume

One man BM band Total Negation will release Zur späten Stunde | Zeiträume album in just a few days. Creating dark, depressive, pessimism and despair melodies since 2007, this latest release is 45 minutes long starting with the song Einkehr. Raw and unprocessed sounds create a solid artistic expression of bleakness and dark landscape. Abstieg is the second song, a memorable bass line intrigues my senses followed by an equally matching guitar riff, the drums build some solid peaks and maintain great double kick work. Einzug, several string instruments paint a lurid passage. There is a steady build up into some well composed arrangements that I enjoy very much. Freilauf, like a trip into a black abyss. Geist, something different happening here and I hear different instruments, according to my source a Vibraphone is used and fits perfectly, a welcomed change considering bands typically stick to the same instruments it is amazing to hear something else that can also create the same dark elements of the music being projected. At times the music reminds me of Burzum or Nargaroth and the feeling is shared by a good friend of mine who listen to a sample of it on Youtube. Zeit, is track number six, vocals are done in true BM style and compliment the arrangement perfectly. The song builds up into a fast paced fury which ends in a well thought out riffing that includes the Vibraphone once again. Raum, several layers of instruments makes this song my favorite of this album. The last track is Traum, my mind instantly thinks of the first Abyss album which is great, aggressive drums raw guitars and some great guitar licks make this one to spin in your stereo for a time to come. Other releases by Total Negation include "A Life Lead by Sorrow and Not by Myself" demo from 2008 and full length  Zeitenwende in 2009. Overall I am very impressed by the level of skill this musician has, achieving all the arrangements an executing each song perfectly. When you listen without knowing, you might think there are six members or more but its only one, not to mention the fact that recording and gathering all the materials it takes to release and album, this is a great accomplishment and I recommend to all true BM fans to check out this album and lend your support.

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