Totengefluster - Vom Seelensterben

Totengefluster - three piece Symphonic BM band from Germany. Album: Vom Seelensterben. Die Prophezeiung is the first song, captivating and intriguing, a well thought out composition of excellent musicianship which leads us into Ein Traumgespinst, drummer Schattendorm is a superior blaster this is immediately noticeable, relentless from the first hits. Ein Monolog im Mondschein, vocals are high and engaging like early Behemoth or Mayhem, an ethereal atmosphere is created with different combinations of high and lows mix with eerie clean yet disturbing demonic chant like shouts. Gefrorene Tränen, many aspects of this track are reasons why I enjoy listening to good BM, the symphonic parts of this band are highlighted on this track and leads us into the next Vom Seelensterben, brutal, epic and destructive forces of sheer speed rip through the senses, very well executed. Der Pakt, by far my favorite track, memorable riffs and aggressive arrangements. I will be spinning this song for times to come. The overall production of this disc is excellent, all the instruments are balanced and well understood, turning up the volume at the highest levels does not take away but enhance the experience even more.  Blutsegen - Die strömende Erkenntnis, if you want to hear how awesome this drummer is go directly to this track, so many great dynamics are executed with precision speed its truly a splendor for your ears. Ein neuer Pfad, here we experience the magnificent sounds of the keyboards painting an elegant landscape to lead us into another macabre composition. Im Tau der toten Morgensonne an intense and perpetual trip through a dark world. The last track Ein Monolog im Mondschein (orchestral Version) * Bonustrack, one of the best musical arrangements I have heard- like an adventure through a dark mystical void, at almost 7 minutes long it is one hell of a bonus track. If you are looking to hear some true BM this is where you will find it. These are incredible musicians, considering there are only three- it is very admirable. 

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