Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Antestor - Omen

The first thing the grabbed my attention and caused me to check out this band was the artwork. I have never heard of Antestor before. The cover is a piece by one of my favorite Polish artist Zdzislaw Beksinski entitled "The Beautiful Nightmares". I found no mention of this on any of the bands Web sites.
The band is from Norway, formed 1990. Their style is BM. My review will be based solely on their music, as they are a religious band, if that bothers some readers then stop reading now and move on to the next review.
The album starts out with Treacherous Domain, very good start, great production everything is well balanced. Guitars sound nice and full. Next up is Unchained which starts with some cool drum fills reminds me a bit of Dimmu. In Solitude- much the same as the second track. All Towers must Fall has a huge Dimmu influence to it. There are some cool clean guitars happening in the song Tilflukt as well as some sweet sounding violin. Overall I like the album but found myself thinking about Dimmu Borgir a lot of the time. The fact that there is no mention of the art work creator does not sit well with me.

If interested you can check them out at Antestor official band site 


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