Kaosmos - EP

Here is a five piece band from Milan, Italy. The first track on this EP is "Believe in your Feelings". The vocals are unique, its the first thing that grabs my attention as I listen. They got their start in 2005. Next up on the EP is "Walking In the Rain" there are some very good clean guitar riffs in this composition, I also enjoy the solos taking place in this song. "Once Were Warriors" has some overlay vocals along with the clean vocals, not sure if this fits well together, on some verses it fits and then the others, they sound a bit forced."My Angel" is next, very impressed by the bass sound, it stands out and it almost reminds me of Steve Harris type of bass sound. An interesting start like an epic build up. In this song you can hear some really good vocal harmonizing, this works well in this composition. The ending to My Angel is my favorite, I think it brings all the elements together perfectly. To close the EP we have the song "Rage" it is the heaviest track on this entire composition featuring some double kick action in the beginning. I highly recommend this EP for fans of Metal/Thrash old school style with some high vocals to compliment some really good bass riffs. I look forward to more in the coming months from this band. You can download their EP for free at the following links.

Kaosmos EP
Kaosmos FB fanpage


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