Okular - Sexforce

An interesting cover and title. With fresh ears, not knowing what to expect. The opening track House Full Of Colours intrigues me, guitars are warm and not to overpowering allowing the bass and drums to build a solid rhythm experience. The vocals do remind me of Messhuggah style in some points. I enjoy how the riffs are unassuming without being out of context, takes lots of skill to achieve that. The band started back in 2010 and have only one other full length album entitled Probiotic. The song Sexforce starts in, there are some good dual vocals happening on this track, I dig the chorus part the most. The Greatest Offender has a haunting clean riff as an intro. Lots of progressive dynamics are apparent here. I like the different aspects of vocals, from mid to high to low he is able to still keep the lyrical content clear and understandable which are important considering there are some deep topics being express through the entire album. Ride The Waves of Emotion, the drums are doing fast double kick fills at points which are really good. If you want to get a good feel for what this band is capable of creating I think the song Rest in Chaos is probably the best to experience all the elements of musical content. This album will include art pertaining to each song, if you go to their site you can see a few panels of artwork done in pencil which is a good way to bring the listener a deeper understanding of their compositions. Feast upon The Illusory, probably the heaviest track of the intense ride, some aggressive drumming and low vocals make this one a favorite to my taste. Birth Through Loss has interesting bass lines towards the end. To Ring The Bells of Truth, a keyboard track to delight the ears, it is another surprise to show how talented these musicians are. Educated for Enslavement is the last track and its a sick one definitely leaves me wanting more.

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