Dark Desolation - Blasphemous Pestilence

Preparing my ears for some BM from Bangalore India. Here is a five piece band that started back in 2010. The E.P. is titled Blasphemous Pestilence, not knowing what to expect I start with the first track Dark Desolation, has an eerie intro and then it gets into some nice grinding riffs right away. Next up is Catechetical Somniloquence, interesting title, I like the guitar sound raw yet clear. Some really cool vocal trade off -from mid to highs. These guys play with great chemistry, its amazing to hear because they have only been together for a few years. This release is under Salute Records, you can hear and download on Bandcamp Dark Desolation EP  Futile Dogma, in this track you can clearly hear the bass playing some technical riffs along with killer guitar licks. The drums have a really good feel right in the middle of that track and its worth checking out the skills been presented. Insestuous Catacombs comes roaring in like a train right out of hell slamming through bodies relentlessly. Good grinding on the drums for this one. Secrets of the Black Arts is a Dark Funeral cover, the drums are really pronounced on the final track, a bit to much at moments its hard to hear what the guitars are doing, but overall a great song take.


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