Deceptor - Chains of Delusion

Going on the cover, I prepared myself for a thrash metal ride. Of all places where thrash metal dwells, Deceptor comes to us from London, formed in 2005 a powerful three piece with many roots in thrash metal genre down to the high vocals and speed riffing. This is EP released on Shadow Kingdom Records has a cover the reminds me of the Judas Priest album style covers. Transmission 1 opens the doors to this ride, the first riff has a Maiden influence. To Know Infinity, vocals are good but stray away from the song a bit at times, the highs are well executed. Heatseeker, the bass is very clear and pronounced in this track I enjoy it very much, all the bass lines are clear and understandable. Transmission 2 not sure why this was necessary, I personally would have enjoyed the next song coming in without the electronic voice intro thing, but hey its there. Oblivion's Call is the final track, some interesting riffs but have heard many like this before, the bass lines I dig, probably my favorite parts of the final track. If you are into old style thrash metal then this would fit in your collection, as for me I enjoy my share but found myself not getting into this album as much as I anticipated.

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