Corpus Mortale - FleshCraft

Making death metal since 1993. This band is from Denmark, album released on DeepSend Records. First track "Weakest of the Weak" the drums spark my interest right away, clear, precise and fast. Unwanted Horde follows with very clever and catchy riff, loving the harmonies and blend of technical composition. For having only three members, there is so much happening your mind thinks there's five members. "Murderous Creed" is intense onslaught of brutality its my favorite instantly.With some hammer on pull off riffing as the main course is definitely pleasing to the ears. Scorn of the Earth reminds me a bit of Immolation in the vocal style. This bands first release was back in November 2003 "With Lewd Demeanor". Followed by an EP 7" vinyl Seize the Moment of Murder. Back to the current album, listening to "Love Lies Bleeding" has a beautiful bass line as an intro which is clear and balanced leading you into a concrete wall of heaviness, some intense riffs complete this great track. "Crafted in Flesh" has a bass line that will stick in your mind for years to come, taking the listener into a brutal and dark journey, once the guitars start is evident this track has been well conceived. "Seize the Moment of Murder" with some superior grinding on the drums it captures the essence of the entire album perfectly. This band is a force to be reckoned with. Visit them, purchase their merch, check them out at a show near you.

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