Enshadowed - Magic Chaos Psychedelia

BM from Attica Athens, Greece. The album starts with "Stary Throne of it" some killer guitar work on this one, there are wicked arpeggios transitions and some superior drum blast happening. I really dig the vocal style. "Black Holes Death Planets" is intense to say the least, it definitely lives up to its name. "The Scenerio" has some ambitious riffs happening true to their BM roots. "Surrealistic Shades of Color Black" that's a long title, try saying that three times fast. Well this track sounds like summonings straight from the bottom of hell, great composition. "Inner Psy-Trip' is exactly what it sounds like dismal abomination, feel like an acid trip in hell. "The Dual Hypostasis of Nihil" the main riff in this track is very catchy I think most people will be spinning this track for a while.
Last track, the title track- wow- seriously got chills listening to it- so amazing and captivating. This one lives up to its name ten fold!! Probably my favorite track on the entire album. I will be spinning this one for a very long time, the masses will be sure to love it.

The band is on Pulverized Records for this release. They have several demos and splits out, be sure to check those out too. The album was recorded, mixed, and mastered by Fotis Bernado of Septic Flesh, hence the superior quality of production.

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    1. Hi there- awesome, really glad you took the time to visit and read my review- this band is really good - i am digging what they got going on- please feel free to visit anytime- I will have more reviews very soon.


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