Sonic Reign - Monument in Black

BM from Germany, featuring two members, Ben Borucki and Sebastian Schneider. This album will be released on Apostasy Records. Abhorrence Vs Scum is the opening track, guitars sound really good not to overpowering and compliment the drums nicely. Clouds above the Desert has some amazing drums blazing through it along with some brutal harmonized screams that will send chills up and down your spine. The title track Monument in Black is death/black metal in its purest form, it reminds of the early days of the genre, its captured here with some brutal but distinct vocal style plus a build up that will have you moshing in no time. A Doctrine Unreachable has battle like tom rolls, like an army of darkness storming a fortress, it is a sweet track for my ears. The vocal style on this album is reminiscent of Carcass specially in the song Daily Nightmare Injected. Soul Flagellation closes this record with some brutal drums and high speed riffs, some high vocals are reached in this one on the chorus. Overall I will give this album some more spins and  look forward to what the band evolved into in the future.

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