Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Avulsed - Altar of Disembowelment

Avulsed is a five piece band consisting of Dave Rotten: Vocals, Cabra: Guitar, Juancar: Guitar, Tana: Bass, Erik: Drums. Genre described as death metal. Band origin Madrid

Altar of Disembowelment album released on Xtreem Music September 15 2015. I remember listening to this band back when I was a teenager. Someone gave me a copy of Carnivoracity, I thought it was some of the most brutal stuff around. The cover was pure carnage and was struck by how intense the music was. Avulsed is a band that helped contribute to all the initial ground work for the death metal genre in the beginning. Releasing music since 1992 and continuing to build their arsenal without loosing vision of pure and aggressive compositions.

Listening to this latest Ep, I can say these are five tracks of heavy destructive death metal. From the start, the music obliterates the senses. No victims are spared as they deal out punishing blow after blow. Songs like Ceremony of Impalement devastate with low tuned guitars, stomping bass and savage drum attack. Some of the influences that can be picked out, would be, Obituary, Death, Gorefest and Cannibal Corpse. My favorite tracks have to be "Tremble in the Darkness" and "Red Viscera Serology", solid and crushing sounds. Plus they also dish out a Black Sabbath tune "Neon Knights", probably the heaviest version of this song I have ever heard.
In conclusion, the Ep adds to the ongoing saga of aggression these musicians have carved out in the history of death metal. Old school fans will not be disappointed and new comers to the scene can take note as to how brutality is dealt by these pioneers.